Image of Enchanted Pond Wilderness and Maine's Moose River Valley.

Welcome to the Enchanted Pond Wilderness and Maine's Moose River Valley

Evenings bring the howl of the coyote, and the trout rise before breakfast. You'll breathe in the deep aroma of the balsam fir and take in the panorama of a wilderness lake, sandwiched between endless forest and cobalt skies. It's almost a certainty to see the impressive sight of a moose stepping out from the forest edge, or a bear in our camp yard.

As you sit on the camp porch and look out at Coburn Mountain, you'll begin to realize how privileged we are to be here exploring this wilderness, because beyond the forest in front of you is one that is just a little bit deeper, a glacial pond that's just a little bit clearer, with a trout rising in it that's just a little bit bigger.

We're Off the Grid

Our off-grid camp is eight miles from the nearest paved road. It is truly surrounded by nature, and sometimes the only sounds are the wind in the trees, the crackling of the fire, and the deep breathing of sleeping pointing dogs, tired from a long day of chasing grouse.

Our specialties are guided fly fishing trips for trout and salmon in the world-class waters near our camp, as well as wingshooting trips for grouse and woodcock.

Your trip will be catered to your specifications. Usually, you'll hunt or fish in the morning and evening, with a lunch in the field. We'll return to our lodge afterwards to share a hearty meal, a glass of good spirits, and dynamic conversations or exaggerated tales told by the fire.

We have canoes on site for you to use. Bring your ATV or snowmobile, as there are plenty of trails within easy reach of the camp.

We'd love to have you visit!

We are very family friendly! Please consider bringing your spouse or kids. We'd be happy to have them, and as parents ourselves we have the patience to instruct the little ones and make it fun for them as well. Canoeing, raspberry and blueberry picking, waterfalls, swimming holes, snowshoeing and scenic views are all readily available.

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Featured Trips & Services

Bear in the woods.

Bear Hunting
$2,500/5 days (all inclusive)

Man fly fishing.

Fly Fishing
$700/day for two (all inclusive)

Dog with hunted birds.

Guided Bird Hunting w/ Dogs
$800/day for two (all inclusive)

Dining area at Maine Upland Guide's camp.

Camp Rental
$150/day or $900/week

Lobster, potato salad and corn.


Lodging at Maine Upland Guide's camp.

Lodging (non-hunters)

Maine Upland Guide's camp.